Mar 25, 2015

Walmart's Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans is Worth the Savings!

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We all have something we're saving up for, right? A vacation, a new car, or perhaps a pool? Ours is a vacation to Disney World in May! We've been saving loose change all year long for our trip. How does your family save money? Here's a great opportunity to save money now!! Wouldn't you say every family needs a cell phone? Did you know Walmart has the lowest priced unlimited plans on their FamilyMobile service with 4G LTE?

Disney World, family travel, saving money

With the money that you would be saving with this plan, your wish list could come true sooner...just in time for summer!! March is the perfect time to start saving (if you haven't already) why not march into savings this month to check out Walmart FamilyMobile plan now with 4G LTE - powerful coverage and speed!

I couldn't possible function without a cell phone attached to my body at all times (I know, sad). I find I text way more than I talk, and I surely have to check my Instagram every day...and oh, then there's sharing pictures on Facebook of your child playing sports in that moment!! So, why not do all that for less? With Walmart best plans can! 

The Walmart FamilyMobile service is only $29.88/month (for the first line) with an Unlimited Talk Text & Data/Web service plan which includes up to 500MB of 4G LTE data. No annual contract and it's a postpaid plan, meaning your service will be billed monthly. That's enough savings right there to start putting money away for a vacation! 

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in the post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

The Samsung GALAXY Avant is a 4G LTE Smartphone with great features such as, 4.5" qHD Touchscreen, 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 5 MP Camera, Email, Texting & Web Capability. On sale now for $149 (was $199.99). 
A perfect size and a perfect price for any member of your family.

Just image what you could do this month by choosing or switching to Walmart FamilyMobile. This plan and phone combo is so affordable it just might be that time to get your school age kid his own! He won't ever have to bother you again with making phone calls to his friends on your phone!'ll be able to keep in touch with him....or her all the time. My son is only 5 years old, so I don't have to worry about that yet. But I'm sure when the time comes, he'll have his own phone...just like ever other kid!! 

I found a great display at the Walmart in Highland Village in the Entertainment section that explains everything the Walmart FamilyMobile 4G LTE service has to offer. There's also a brochure available with FAQs and specific details about the plan. The Samsung Galaxy Avant phone was around the corner from the display. 

Saving in March with FamilyMobile is so easy:

1. Choose FamilyMobile service plan
2. Buy the Samsung Galant Avant
3. Get the Starter Kit (one for each line, and if you don't already have it)
4. Pay at the register 
5. Activate at home

So if you like to text, tweet, pin, google, insta, and what ever else you like to do on a cell phone - this plan & the Samsung Galaxy Avant can do more for you without you having to pay more. So, hurry, March is almost over. Go ahead, put more money in your pocket by taking advantage of this plan!!
Entrance into the Yellow Stone National Park (Montana side)
Besides our trip to Disney World in May, we are planing another trip to Montana and Yellow Stone National Park this summer. Saving our change all year long is how we roll! Saving up for something special is definitively worth looking into Walmart's lowest priced unlimited plans...wouldn't you think so?  

I've shared how and what we're saving for. I'd love to hear what you're saving for and how!! Don't forget to #MarchIntoSavings with Walmart FamilyMobile service with 4G LTE for more savings than you can imagine!!

Mar 22, 2015

Sunday Stroll Giveaway Link Up - 3/22/15

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Mar 21, 2015

The Best Photo Book For Mother’s Day Gifts

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What better way to celebrate the important women in your life this Mother’s Day than with a beautiful photo book full of memories! We’re all guilty of taking hundreds of pictures throughout the year but never printing them out to remind us of the magic moments spent with our loved ones. I know I am.


Montage, the best photo book choice for quickly and beautifully printing out your pictures in keepsake form. Montage photo books come in three sizes starting at $29, and they do all of the work for you. They automatically place your photos in the best layout, factoring in chronology, important moments, and picture quality, and then allow you to make adjustments where desired. The entire creation process takes less than 15 minutes, making it the best photo book for those of us who are crunched on time. 

The books come standard with an eco-friendly leather cover and premium lay-flat pages, guaranteeing you get a keepsake product that will last for years to come. This is a mother’s day gift that is sure to keep on giving!

Mother’s Day Free Shipping (valid until 6/30/15)

Here's to a Happy Mother's Day for all you Moms out there!!

Fredericksburg, TX Girlfriend Weekend

Fredericksburg, TX is the perfect place to have a girlfriend weekend. I recently visited there with my best friends from high school and my sister. We had a great time, and can not wait to do it again. Fredericksburg offers something for all...Wineries, Shopping, Restaurants of all kinds & Night Life.

This weekend trip to place in Oct. 2014, and I'm not sure why I didn't post about it then. I guess time got away from me. Dee and I are talking about getting together again, so that reminded me about this trip. I went to look for it on my blog and didn't find it. Oops. I always like to write about places I've been to.

Did I mention Shopping? I LOVE to shop along the popular street in town which has a diversified select of boutiques and shops, but my favorite place to shop is the Fredericksburg Trade Days. Dee (top left) and I loaded up on some good stuff at the Trade Days. It's so cool to see what others have made by their very own hands, and to score an antique piece that would look perfect on your front porch or in your home is the best feeling ever!! We could have spent another whole day there. 

Kim and Tracy - Sisters!
We grew up loving Willie Nelson's music. He was definitely a part of our young lives. When we spotted these t-shirts at one of the shops in town, we knew this was what we wanted to wear for the rest of the day. Dee tried to buy them all for us, but we wouldn't let her. Tracye and I had the same friends in high school. Dee and Melissa are her age, but Dee and I have had some really fun times as kids, and all the way through our adulthood. She is truly my best friend. 

Here's a post I wrote about our lunch we had in Fort Worth where we discussed our trip here Years of Friendship - We do Lunch! If you ever have a chance to get-a-way with your girlfriends, do it!! Don't worry about a thing, just go and have fun. If you're close to driving distance, I promise Fredericksburg is the place to go.

Whoa....we are talking a huge #tbt photo. This was in the early 80's. That's me on the left, then Dee, my sister Tracye, and Melissa. I think we were at 9 Acres (a dance hall) in Hurst, TX. 

Looks like I'll be in Fredericksburg again in April. Dee bought a piece of land there and is taking her motor home to be placed there (I think permanently), and has invited me to visit. I asked if I should bring my hammer, and she said "no a rake"! Looks like we'll be raking some leaves. So, we again will visit wineries (her favorite thing to do...not necessarily mine?), and will get to tool around the Trades Day!!! Now that's my favorite thing to do!!

Mar 19, 2015

Road Trip Essentials Round-Up

Spring is in the air and that means summer vacations are not far behind. Yay!! My husband, son and I are going to be taking a road trip to Florida in May (Texas to Florida) and I wanted to start preparing for it now so I can make sure I don't forget a thing.

So here's my Road Trip Essentials Round-Up from several experienced bloggers. (traveling with kids...that is). They've already done the work so you don't have to!! If you'd like to Pin anything from this list, I encourage you to visit each blogger's link and Pin directly from there.

Road Trip Essentials 

Sarah, from Sweet Lil You has already done it. She gives several must-haves that you wouldn't want to forget, plus her dad is a car maintenance guru!!!
Vehicle Maintenance and Must Haves

And Julie from Coco and Cocoa has a printable for a scavenger hunt that the whole family can play, and you can print them with or without the pictures - I'm nabbing that!!!
Road Trip Ready

Taking road trips with kids has got to be planned. Don't worry Danielle from Simmsworks Family Blog has done it for you!!
Road Trips With Kids Survival Tips

What a great idea Brandy from Gluesticks did for her kids. She made a Road Trip Binder and stuck all kinds of info inside such as, brochures, activities and maps, etc. I'm thinking I'll make one for me that will work for all of us!!
Road Trip Binder for Kids

I know a little boy who will have to pee in a bottle numerous Kimberly from Stuffed Suitcase has come up with a list full of toiletries that we will need for the road!!
Road Trip Essentials

Well, if this isn't the coolest thing ever...and something I hadn't thought of. A "In Case of an Emergency" card. Holly from 504 Main has a printable for you. I printed it out on my son's favorite color cardstock - Orange!
Road Trip Safety Tip: Emergency Cards

Carrie from Kennary Ideas For The Home suggests a car seat tray...brilliant!! Plus see her other tips for traveling with small kids.
Road Trips with Small Children: 10 Tips For Survival

Here's a tip from me...and an important one to us. You must get your car cleaned and shiny before heading out. That way, you'll feel better and more organized if your vehicle is spotless and everything is in its place!!

My round-up here includes some pretty important things to remember before going on that road trip by car. Do you have any road trip tips for me and others that we might want to know? I may include them below and will give you credit!!

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