Oct 29, 2014

Easy Composting for Beginners + My New Garden Spot!

I finally got my composter put together...all by myself!! Well, I did have a little help! My plan is to do some easy composting for beginners for the first time, and to start planning my garden...for the first time. I've got the perfect spot! This post contains my affiliate link as I like to tell my readers where I bought things at the best value.

I'm determined to start a garden this summer, and will build it sometime this fall. I have to wait until my husband comes home from working out of town so we can build it together. I've already started composting kitchen scraps (no more waste here) and leaves, and added a compost starter to the mix - which is totally optional.

This is where we will build the garden. I live on a corner street with .5 acres, so I've got plenty of room and then some. We used to have a pool right here. Next, I want a cool storage building to the right of this area!! It's on my wish list.

Composting is really simple. You don't have to buy a tumbling composter like I did. There are other less expensive ways to compost. Heck, I heard you can actually use an old trash can...just make sure to put holes in the lid so it can get air. Depending on where you live, you can just throw your kitchen scraps in a pile (not me)! This composter came with basic instructions on what can be composted and what not to add in the mix. Sure glad, because I had no idea.


First, you'll want to put the composter in direct sun to help cook your compost, and also near your garden area for convenience. This composter was tedious to put together, but I managed, and it just took me a few days but I wasn't in a hurry.

Second, you'll want to mix the right ratio of 2 parts greens to 1 part brown. If not, it will start to stink. I love the tumbling idea, because it's easy to turn it  - in which you have to do at least every 3 days.

Greens to compost consist of kitchen scraps, grass clippings, garden & house plants
Browns are leaves, straw/hay, saw dust, twigs.

Never compost meats/fats/bones, dairy products, trash/plastic, wood ashes, & weeds.

Wayfair is where I purchased my tumbling composter, my kitchen compost, and the starter mix. I did compare prices, as I also do, and most of the time, if not always, I end up buying from Wayfair. They have never let me down and shipping is fast, plus they have a rewards programs where you get back 3% of what you buy to go towards your next purchase. If you click on the picture below it will take you to the exact composter I bought.

 Can't wait to grow my own veggies!!!

Oct 28, 2014

A Cairn...and it's meaning. Do you Cairn?

cairn is a man-made pile (or stack) of stones built for varies reasons.
This one was taken by me at Ousel Falls in Big Sky, MT
Web Description:
In modern times, cairns are often erected as landmarks, a use they have had since ancient times; but, since prehistory, they have also been built for a variety of other reasons, such as burial monuments and for defence and hunting, as well as ceremonial, astronomical, and other purposes.Cairns are used as trail markers in many parts of the world, in uplands, on moorland, on mountaintops, near waterways and on sea cliffs, as well as in barren deserts and tundra. They vary in size from small stone markers to entire artificial hills, and in complexity from loose conical rock piles to delicately balanced sculptures and elaborate feats of megalithic engineering. Cairns may be painted or otherwise decorated, whether for increased visibility or for religious reasons. An ancient example is the inuksuk (plural inuksuit), used by the InuitInupiatKalaallitYupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America. These structures are found from Alaska to Greenland. This region, above the Arctic Circle, is dominated by the tundra biome and has areas with few natural landmarks.

Cairns were in various places on our trip in Montana. I did not know what they signified at that time, I just knew they were cool.  I like how people add to them as they go by. Next time I'm able I will build one for my first son. 

Have you ever built a cairn from the bottom up? If so, and if you don't mind, can you tell us what your meaning was for? Or, perhaps you added to one - where was it?

Oct 27, 2014

BRANCH BASICS: A Safe Non-Toxic Solution!

I was provided this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

How's your cleaning efforts? Are you considering getting rid of all harsh chemical cleaners from your home? Here's a product that I think would be phenomenal to start with. Presenting Branch Basics - a safe non-toxic cleaning solution for every inch of your home.

When I found out I had hypothyroidism, my first thought was, "how did I get this", after a couple of months of taking medication, I decided to googled hypothyroidism and found all sorts of information that my doctor failed to tell me. WOW...was I astonished! I begin right away to further my healthy, cleaner lifestyle. The first thing I did was get rid of all chemical cleaners in my home.

After meeting these lovey ladies at the ShiftCon Eco Blogger Conference last month, I knew I found a basic cleaner that I could use everything for. Yes, I do use other non-toxic cleaners because I make my own, but glad to be introduced to Branch Basics. I like a clean sparkly house and this solution simply does a wonderful job.

Branch Basics is a cleaning solution you can literally use for everything...even on your body! It's "all purpose" solution is a non-toxic soap concentrate made of food-grade ingredients that's safe on a baby's bottom, and powerful enough to use on those most toughest jobs. It all depends on the dilution. All you do is add the amount necessary to do the job. For example - if wanting to use as a body/bath soap, you would add 5 parts distilled water to 1 part solution, or if wanting to make a solution for those tough jobs (crayon marks, grease, etc.), you would mix 1 part distilled water to 1 part solution (see photo) AND...so many more uses in between!!

Branch Basics: One Formula. Hundreds of Uses.
  • Household Cleaning
  • Laundry and Stains
  • Personal Care
  • Fruits and Vegetables 
  • Baby Wash
  • Everything really!!
For powerful ingredients that won't harm your home or your family, simple choose Branch Basics. That's one step closer to a cleaner lifestyle. Their website is full of information that I couldn't possible mention here, so be sure to visit them soon at http://branchbasics.com.

Branch Basics for a Safe and Simple Solution...for every inch of your home!!!

Connect with Branch Basics

Oct 26, 2014

Sunday Stroll Giveaways + Blogger Link Up! 10/26/14

Mommie..Again has agreed to co-host Sunday Strolls with me!! AND so has Christy's Cozy Corners. So now you can enter on here or on Mommie..Again or on Christy's Cozy Corners and the links will appear on all three! Please feel free to link up all your wonderful giveaways here!! Link directly to the giveaway. Those linked to websites or main blog pages will be removed. Please use blog name, giveaway title and end date when posting. Post some, Enter Some, Win Some! AND Why don't you follow me on Bloglovin' so you will be the first to know what's up at Miki's Hope!

Here is a list of all the book reviews to date (some with on-going giveaways) for "Free Average Joe" @FreeAverageJoe AND BEFORE I FORGET--HOPE EVERYONE HAS A SPOOKY AND SAFE HALLOWEEN!!!!!! (with LOTS of Chocolate!!!!)

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