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Oct 20, 2014

Sunday Stroll Giveaways + Blogger Link UP!!! 10/19/14

Mommie..Again has agreed to co-host Sunday Strolls with me!! AND so has Christy's Cozy Corners. So now you can enter on here or on Mommie..Again or on Christy's Cozy Corners and the links will appear on all three! Please feel free to link up all your wonderful giveaways here!!

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Here is a list of all the book reviews to date (some with on-going giveaways) for "Free Average Joe" @FreeAverageJoe
Oct 19, 2014

Hilarious Halloween Costumes for Couples

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OMG...these hilarious Halloween costumes for couples are the bomb!!

Halloween is right around and corner, and though we may think of this fun evening is just for kids, it doesn't have to be, right? Why not go all out the year by dressing up you and your spouse with one of these fun couplesʼ costumes? That will sure be the hit of the party!! Who might even win Best Couple's Costume!! Check out the fun options here, then scroll down to see the names and descriptions of each. You're sure to find a favorite. Popeye and Olive Oyl takes me way back and has got to be my favorite.

  1. 1920'S Gangster Couple - You're good and proper all year. Halloween definitely gives you permission to channel Bonnie & Clyde. Even if just in the fashion sense. Buy these costumes at Hers and His.

  2. 1960's Hippie Couple - On Halloween, remind everyone of all the great things that the Hippie generation created: the culture, the fashions, the music, the arts, the... ooops. Buy these Peace & Love costumers online at Hers and His.

  3. Chip & Dale Onesie Costumes - The most adorable chipmunks around. An excuse to be goofy, funny and very comfortable in these Kigurumi onesies. Buy these online at Chip and Dale.

  4. Olive Oyl & Popeye - complicated love affair that's been going on forever. Buy Olive's & Popeye's costumes online at Olive Oyl and Popeye.

  5. Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf - How will your classic fairytale be played out on Halloween? Buy these costumes online at Red Riding Hood and Granny Wolf.

  6. Bacon & Eggs Couple - Time to play the "Goes together like..." parlor game. Pick Eggs & Bacon since bacon is having quite a moment.Get the Bacon & Eggs couple's costume set at

  7. Day-of-the-Dead Bride & Groom - much better alternative to the tired zombie bride and groom. And you won't have to move in chopped zombie movements all night. Get these costumes online atÂ Day-of-the-Dead bride and Day-of-the-Dead groom.

  8. Day-of-the-Dead Face Tattoos - Don't want to spend hours creating that fab Day-of-the-Dead look with makeup? Try these: Day-of-the-Dead face temporary tattoos. Find them online atÂ The multi-colored face tattoo or the black & white face tattoo (for him).

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boombox Network . The opinions and text are all mine.

Oct 16, 2014

Sleep Tight with Dream Team Pets - 30% off Coupon

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Dream Team Pets is much more than a bedtime toy-it's an innovative kid's sleep aid that helps end the bedtime battles of trying to keep your child in bed. Developed with the help of a pediatrician, Dream Team Pets bedtime routine empowers kids as they reward their Pet with stickers and a certificate for a good night's sleep. If the child wakes up from a nightmare, there are no hard feelings because the responsibility is on their Pet, but when they successfully sleep in their own bed, the kids feel a sense of accomplishment as they reward their Dream Team Pet. What makes this unique is that the kids think they are training their Pet, but really they are sleep training themselves! 

My Readers receive 30% Off Dream Team Pets with Promo Code: USFGUIDE
Oct 15, 2014

Boo at the Zoo - Fort Worth, TX A Family Event

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I think Brody and I will go this year for the first time to the Boo at the Zoo - Fort Worth, TX. He will probably dress up like Frankenstein that I ordered at Gymboree (they have all their Halloween Collections on sale right now). I believe I'll dress up a Glamour Cowgirl!  Should be a fun day!!

Childhood Friends Meet Up in Los Angeles, CA after the ShiftCon Conference

After an amazing conference in California, my good friends from high school and I met up at my hotel and they took me around to two beaches in the Los Angeles area.

It had been a long time coming for the three of us to meet again. These girls were my best friends in high school. We did everything together. We always knew what each other was up to and what we were each planning next. You know how that is...we were inseparable!!! You couldn't tear us a part...not even a boyfriend could have gotten in between us....well, on second hand...maybe!

Me and Treva

Treva and I had a friendship like sisters. We actually met in junior high and stayed best friends throughout high school and up into our early thirties. We played, we shared clothes, we had sleepovers (all the time), and we even had cat fights. We had this saying that Treva made up. She would say to me "I love you Kim", and then I would say back "I love you too Treva". She practically made me say my part. I suppose I wasn't as passionate about it as she was, or maybe it was just hard for me to express my feelings more than her. Anyway, to make a long story short, her and I had a fallen out about 17 years ago and never talked again. That's right, we just went through our lives without our best friend....until this trip. We finally put all that aside and meet up. It was the best feeling in the world.

Me and Gina
Gina and I met in 10th grade and had a ball together. We became roommates at the age of eighteen and lived in an apartment in Arlington, TX. What in the world did we know back then!! We jammed to songs, went to parties, had boyfriends over, layed out by the pool...all that fun stuff that young girls get do, right? Living in that apartment lasted a short time, then we went our separate ways (I think it was because of a boy!) but stayed the best of friends. I absolutely adored her and still do.

Sunset at Manhattan Beach

Treva and Gina both managed to slip away to California over twenty years ago and made an awesome life for themselves. Treva lives in Laguna Beach and Gina lives a few miles outside of the Los Angeles area. Both got married and had children. Now that we are in our fifties, all three of us have had triumphs and loses in our lives. Yes, we've grown apart, but what we shared as young girls will NEVER be forgotten. I'm lucky to have the girls in my life as they bring out the fun in me. We can reminisce about the years we spent together way back then and we can talk about the present. Our meet up only lasted a few short hours which wasn't enough time to me, but we made every moment count.

They were very intrigued about what I learned at ShiftCon's Eco-Wellness Social Media Conference - the first of its kind, and wanted to know what all I learned. So we talked about eating healthy and watching the foods that have GMO in them, etc. #ShiftHappens because of this more ways than one for me!!

Printed Sarong
Treva has started a beachwear line called Treva's Beachwear where she designs her own line of cover ups for the beach. What a perfect line of clothing for California babes!! She gave Gina and I a sarong. She said to wear them over a big shirt or tee. I'll have to work on that!! Check out her style at, and follow her on Facebook at Treva's Beachwear PS. Treva was ALWAYS the fashionable one of us!!

Can't wait to meet up with these girls next year at the 2nd annual #ShiftCon Conference!! We'll have another year of catching up to do!!

Oct 13, 2014


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Gorgeous luxe fur infinity scarf! These scarves will be your favorite accessory this fall and a re a PERFECT stocking stuffer! A plush faux-fur infinity scarf keeps you cozy while adding a posh accent to your attire. Available at Jane online only. For only $7.99 each why not get two?? You'll get free shipping don't forget!! 

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Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas with Kids-Get Crafty!

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Is Halloween all about you, the kids, or perhaps both? Well, I've got some fun Halloween decorating ideas here for kids..and of course you can help...if you want to. Why not let the kids decorate this year! Yep, let them go wild and get crafty with their own ideas! You may want to help with the carving...but let them create the pumpkin's face and its accessories. With porch lights and the perfect carved pumpkin, you're sure to get all the trick-or-treaters this year!

  1. Spiderweb lights - Decorating your exterior is the first step. Throw up 5-6 of these spiderweb lights from Target. Not too scary for littles - your neighbors will love you.

  2. Spiderweb gun - For the kids who get tired of crafts and want to stir up a little mayhem:). From the Halloween experts at Spirit Halloween.

  3. Vinyl tablecloth - For carving goopy pumpkins. Kohls has a nice selection. Save your good knives with this pumpkin carving set from Spirit Halloween. Pumpkin scooper - It's the scooping that will really do you in, save yourself via Spirit Halloween. Jack O'Lantern stickers - For your small ones, so they don't get frustrated with the cutting, also from Spirit Halloween. Pumpkin power saw - Be sure to supervise, but this gadget may keep your big kids engaged. How many times have the grownups wound up still carving, long after kids have moved on to something new? Thank you, Spirit Halloween!

  4. Spooky hand towel - You'll need to clean up after those goopy pumpkins, via Kohls.

  5. Orange plates - Feed your trick or treaters on Halloween colors, via Walmart. Compostable utensils from Abe's Market - It's always a good time to respect the planet. You're going to generate enough trash with candy wrappers tonight!

  6. Alexander McQueen skull scarf - From Nordstrom, for Mom, as a thank you for all her work, and to wear trick-or-treating with her little hobgoblins.

For more fun ideas for Halloween and fall, be sure to follow #BBNShops
Happy Halloween and be safe!!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boombox Network . This post contains affiliate links.