Apr 18, 2014

DIY Soothing Coconut Salt Scrub

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Do you love the smell of coconut? It's a fragrance that I just want to eat every time I smell it! Okay, it's time to get your body glowing and smooth for the warm spring months upon us now with this all natural soothing coconut scrub.This coconut scrub is perfect to rid away dry winter skin to make way for fresh youthful skin. Enjoy!

Soothing Coconut Salt Scrub

Items needed: 
  • 15-16 oz. glass jar
  • 1 cup Tropical Traditions 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1 cup Pink Himalayan salt (where to buy)
  • 1/4 cup doTerra Fractionated Coconut Oil* (where to buy) or another carrier oil
  • 8 drops Geranium Essential Oil or another fresh floral/herbal pure scent
  • 8 drops doTerra AromaTouch Massage Blend or another relaxing soothing favorite


  1. Melt virgin coconut oil in microwave. 60-90 secs.
  2. Add Fractionated Coconut oil to melted oil.
  3. Then add Pink Himalayan salt.
  4. Stir until combined.
  5. Add EO's - I'm using Geranium and doTerra's AromaTouch (8 drops each) which is great for soothing and relaxation. Geranium has a fresh & floral scent to it which these two will compliment each other. (where to buy)
  6. Let sit until coconut solidifies, stirring every 15 minutes. Can be put in refrigerator to speed up process.This steps can take about an hour.
  7. Stir until well combined and store in airtight container.
  8. To use, rub on skin and rinse with warm water - Enjoy!

*What is Fractionated Coconut Oil by doTerra? It's a light weight therapeutic grade all-natural carrier oil that instantly absorbs into the skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth and non-greasy, which makes this oil a perfect solution for topical therapies. Excellent for dry skin and will not clogged pores. Not edible.

Please note: Substitutions may be used for the coconut oils, salt, and essential oils that I used. For the very best in your DIY home crafting, make sure you use 100% pure EO's and the highest grade salts (do not use table salt)
Apr 14, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day With My Healthy Home #WalgreensOlogy

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Spring is here...finally! Earth Day is just around the corner too! But that also means spring cleaning is upon us. If you're like me, you'll want your home springtime fresh. Well, how about fresh and healthy? I've got a few tips for you below that helped me turn my house into "my healthy home", but first let me tell you about this wonderful All-Purpose Cleaner by Ology that I have completely fallen in love with. Not only is it free from 10 harmful chemicals, it smells springtime fresh of lemon & lavender - my two favorite scents! Best part's safe for the environment, better for my home, and great to use to clean my son's toys! Healthy child healthy world is what it's all about!!

Several years back I started thinking about what I was eating and how it was slowly tearing up my insides, and it was then I decided to start eating healthier. It wasn't until Brody arrived at the beginning of 2010 that I became very aware of my surroundings at home and realized that having a "clean" home for him was just as important as eating healthy was to me. So off I go to become a clean healthy person in all aspects of life. Awe...what a great feeling that is! It's been a slow journey, but one well worth it...and in the long run my environment will thank me and Brody will thank me too. So come celebrate Earth Day with me and grab some Ology on the way!

Do you celebrate Earth Day at home with your kids? Have you talked to them about how they can help save the environment by using products such as Ology that are free from harmful chemicals and that are 100% tree free? I've already starting by using several of their products in my home. I'm excited to learn of all that Ology offers - from laundry detergent & household cleaners to paper towels and bath & facial tissue to personal care items, such as shampoo & conditioner and more. 

Brody's pre-school is going to touch on the subject of Earth Day next week, so I plan on expanding on that (just a little) to teach him a few things about how he and I can help make our home a better place to live in by using products that are safe for us...and to somehow get across to him that it's important that we as consumers need to take our own social responsibility in making sure we do our best to protect the land in which we live. Okay, he's only four years old, but I think he'll catch on enough to do a small part.

Ology's Key Features:
  • Cleaners give a plant-based power
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No animal testing or animal byproducts
  • No dyes or artificial fragrances
  • Paper products are 100% tree free, made from fasting-growing sugar husk & bamboo, and are biodegradable and septic safe
  • Hair & Skincare products do not contain parabens or sulfates
  • Affordable products that gets the work done
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Products are sold exclusively at Walgreens


Okay, here's a few tips I promised to help make your home a happy healthy home:
  1. Give those indoor and outdoor rugs or mats a shake. Also, if you don't have one at every entry door, think about getting two, one for the outside and one for the inside as it helps to keep dust and pollen from coming inside.
  2. Keep a shoe basket next to your front or back door and ask all family members and guest to kindly take off their shoes at the door. 
  3. Sanitize faucets, doorknobs, toys, etc. more often. Use Ology's All-Purpose Cleaner.
  4. Laundry your pet's bedding regularly with Ology's Spring Lavender & Vanilla Detergent.
  5. By all means don't use products that contain ammonia or chlorine which are not safe for our children, nor our homes or our environment.

You too can create a healthy home just like I did by using products that contain less harmful chemicals and that are safe for our environment such as Ology. Look for Ology products all over Walgreens or ask anyone there to help you.

And look who wanted to come home with me! I should totally go back and get him for Brody for Easter!! 

I feel like I've made friends forever at the Walgreens in Trophy Club, TX. Danny and Faye were so helpful assisting me all over the store to find my Ology products. I even found Ology Pure Castile Soap in Lavender. I love making my own bubble bath and Castile soap is sometimes hard to find...but not anymore!! But that's another post. So turn on some music and get cleaning and be sure to go check out Ology at Walgreens today...and don't forget to use your Walgreens Rewards Points! Happy Earth Day Everyone! Follow along to read what others are talking about too - #WalgreensOlogy #CollectiveBias.

The Ology Mission
We believe in living life well and making positive choices. That means avoiding toxic ingredients. It means seeking out sustainable raw materials and including natural ingredients. It's all about leaving behind a healthier, happier world for our children and grandchildren.

How will you be celebrating Earth Day? I would love to know!!

    Easter Color Page Printable - Happy Easter Bunny!

    Click on link to print - Enjoy! Happy Easter

    Know Your Medicine: Common OTC Medicine Watch #GutCheckAGA

    I participated in this campaign on behalf of BOOMboxNetwork for the American Gastro Association and received payment for my participation. All opinions stated within are my own.

    Know Your Medicine: Common OTC Medicine Watch

    This subject matter has been on my mind for several years now. I'm here to confess that I have taken 3-9 Ibuprofen capsules daily every day for over 20 years. I've taken it for menstrual cramps, back aches, neck & shoulder pain, and for any ache I may have...why...because it works. I know I've abused warning signs in the past simply because I haven't followed the correct safe dosage as mentioned on the labels. But just how important is it to read and follow labels on over-the-counter (OTC) Medicines? It's very important. According to reports, an estimated 100,000 people are hospitalized and 17,000 die every year from gastrointestinal (stomach) bleeding and liver damage due to unintentionally overdosing or overusing OTC pain medicines. It's time we educate our family members about these warnings and perhaps it's also time that we start keeping track of our household's medicine taking. Keeping track can be as simple as writing it down on a piece of paper.

    The American Gastroenterological  Association (AGA) developed the Gut Check: Know Your Medicine Campaign in hopes to educate consumers on this huge, but confined problem of overusing and misusing common OTC pain medicines. Their main focus is to make aware that it is important to read labels and only take the recommended amount that is noted on the label. Another concern is that some medicines have the same active ingredient as another, and the public is just not aware of this or they just simply don't know the risks involved. Two common pain medicine ingredients that are being overused and misused for pain, coughs, allergies, colds, etc are Acetaminophen and NSAIDTheir names may be different, but some share the exact same ingredient.

    Did you know that more than 500 prescription and OTC medicines contain acetaminophen in the U.S., and nearly 550 different medicines contain NSAIDs?

    Are you a chronic pain sufferer? Do you know your pain? Perhaps there's something else that we could do for our pains and ache besides reaching for that bottle. Lately, especially after reading this information, I have decided instead of taken any medication for an ache, I would try to just rest first. This means to lay down and do nothing. I put my cell phone away and the TV changer down and just rest my eyes and body. It's been working for me so far, and if it doesn't then I'll reach for a pain reliever. 


    Below are three (3) steps to take to ensure that you are taking good care of yourself and your family when taking medication.

    1. Read The Labels. Simple as 1-2-3, right? Don't exceed your medicine's dosage usage. I can honestly say I will no longer take more Ibuprofen than what the bottle says. It's amazing what we do after such important information is brought to our attention, isn't it?

    2. Only take one product at a time that contains the same amount of ingredient. It's all too common for my husband to take Tylenol for his pain, then turn around and take NyQuil to help with his cold and aches. He nor I knew (before this campaign) just how dangerous that is since they both contain the ingredient acetaminophen.

    3. Talk to your pharmacist about your medicines (both prescription and OTC), and their uses. I like that pharmacists are getting more involved in a patience's medical care. I believe that has always been the case, but they are just so busy behind that counter that we the patient just don't think to talk to them about our pain or problems. I like that when I go to pick up a prescription, I have to talk to the pharmacist first. They are also there to help with any OTC questions we may have, so don't be afraid to ask them. 

    Here's a short informative video to watch.

    The AGA Campaign has been set up to encourage individuals to talk with their healthcare providers, including pharmacist about any questions they may have concerning their OTC pain reliever, including questions about dose, ingredients, and whether alternative options could be considered. So don't be afraid to ask the busy pharmacist behind that counter a question or two! To find out more about the Gut Check Campaign visit today!
    Apr 13, 2014

    Facts About Texas Bluebonnets AND Making Memories #texasbluebonnets

    I just don't remember the bluebonnets looking this pretty last year. We were on our way home yesterday from my husband's work and I decided at the last minute to pull over and take some pictures. And, boy was it contagious....other cars followed behind me...It was awesome. So glad this traditions is still going on strong here in north Texas.
    Did you know?

    The Texas bluebonnet became the official state flower of the Lone Star State in 1901. Its scientific name is Lupinus texensis. Other names for the Texas bluebonnet are buffalo clover and wolf flower. Mexicans refer to this flower as el conejo. Varieties grow in the western, southern, and eastern regions of Texas.

    Texas bluebonnets are both perennials and annuals. In warmer climates, they are perennials. Though they tend to bloom more successfully in warmer climates, Texas bluebonnets can also be grown as annuals in colder climates if they are planted in areas that have full sun 8 to 10 hours a day.
    Texas bluebonnets bloom in clusters and are named for their color and shape. The most common variety has flowers that are vivid royal blue, while the topmost florets have white tips. There are also varieties that are pink and white. Each individual floret on the Texas bluebonnet plant looks like a small bonnet. The plants grow 1 to 2 feet tall.

    Most commonly, you will find them in fields and along the roadside in their native Texas soil, though it is possible to cultivate them in your own garden. They can be grown in several regions, though they bloom best when they grow in Texas.

    Texas bluebonnets are members of the lupine family, and therefore prefer soil that is sandy and loose. For best results, do not over water these flowers. If you want to grow them in pots, make sure the pots drain well. It is easier to grow bluebonnets from transplants than from seeds.

    Texans are so devoted to their state flower that there is an annual festival held in honor of the flower. The Texas Bluebonnet Festival takes place each spring in Chappell Hill, Texas. Chappell Hill is a small town with a population of approximately 600 residents. Vendors display their wares, which range from bluebonnet-themed jewelry to artworks inspired by the flower.

    Facts were taken directly from eHow Online: Facts on the Texas Bluebonnet

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