Oct 7, 2015

Spider-Man Costume *Black* was His Choice

I received this costume from Costume Supercenter for free to facilitate this review.

Well,  I have to say he looks pretty cool in the costume. It definitely was not my first or second choice! I have to blame it on the movie because after he saw Spider-Man 3 he was all about wanting to be the "Black" Spider-Man. And, also because he already has THREE regular Spider-Man costumes. Let me tell you...he has just about worn them all out. Can you believe Spider-Man is still as popular today as it was 30 or so years ago?

Halloween my friends is just around the corner. Have your kids decided on what they want to be? We are even gearing up for it on the front porch of our house. This will be my first time to ever to decorate our front porch with Halloween fun.  I'm just as excited as Brody is. Little by little we will have the front of our house all decorated, so when the little goblins come trick or treating they will have a sight to see!!

Have you seen all the Spider-Man Costumes to choose from? There are several different styles of them. Some are plain like the one above and a few others offer more padding and extra accessories. 

This particular child's costume I received is a 2-piece muscle chest jumpsuit with a separate soft headpiece. Comes in SM, Med, and Large. I ordered a size SM for 4-6-year-olds; however, it barely velcroed together in the back. Brody is almost 6 and is an average size kid so no way will he be wearing this costume after this year. I should have got the next size up because he likes to wear all his costumes all year long....and he'd sleep in them if I let him!

Shopping online for Halloween or any other items is so convenient and can save you time. Check out Costume SuperCenter for the latest and greatest costumes for the entire family!!

Oct 6, 2015

My Top 20+ Toys & Gifts for the 2015 Holiday Season at Walmart

This is a sponsored post provided by Acorn Influence, LLC. All opinions are my own.

Not to spoil the fall season, but the holidays are coming up and I want you to be prepared!! Children everywhere will soon be making their holiday wish lists, and I'd like to give you a preview of what will surely be on those lists!! What I'm about to show you is the top trends in toys that will be on Walmart's shelves this holiday season...if not already. So parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles get your pen and paper out to take notes!! Oh...and my list is not just for kids, as I've got a few things that I'm putting on my own wish list that I think you will like too!! #ChosenByKids #TheList

I was one of 20 DFW Bloggers chosen to attend Chosen By You Expo, a three-day gift extravaganza event in Fort Worth hosted by Walmart back in July. This event showcased hundreds of items in several different categories, such as toys, kitchen, tech, apparel, entertainment, holiday gifts, food, etc. Along with other invited consumers, we had the chance to vote and give feedback on our favorite products in all categories that we would like to see at Walmart for the holiday shopping.

With a provided laptop in hand, I went around to several areas that caught my eye and that I was most interested in. I'm happy to present to you my top 20+ picks for the 2015 holiday season. The worst thing about this whole event was that I had to keep it a secret for three months!!! Now the cat is out of the bag...and I can breathe!

AND....that's not all...I was one of the very few who got to attend a very special (behind black curtains) Star Wars presentation. This was hush to many that attended the expo. We were not allowed to take pictures but were allowed to take notes. However, I was sent a few pics from staff that I am now allowed to use. Also, all of the toys behind the black curtains went out on Walmart floors on FORCE FRIDAY, September the 4th...so they're no longer a secret either. See my favorites below.

Kids were not allowed to go with us while we were working; however, they were allowed to attend the following day. Since Fort Worth is only a few miles from my home, I returned the next day with my son. I would say toys were the main attraction at this gift expo. Santa and his elves are going to be b u s y this Christmas season!!

Walmart is the place to shop for everyone on your list! Follow #TheList on social media to see what other bloggers highlighted as their favorites!


This is a Big and Bad Max Tow Truck—Parents, you're going to want to take note of this and what it can do! In my opinion, this toy was the most talked about. Its greatness even made it all the way upstairs to the Cosmetic area. Everyone was talking about it!!

A very short but "powerful" video - watch this mighty truck pull all these water bottles! Ages 6-7 - but I say above that!!

Lalaloopsy Dance with Me    |    BRATZ Sleepover Spa

It's the Talking Minion Boys
One of them toots...and you know how boys like that! Listen for yourself...and watch these three (Kevin, Stewart and Bob, ) play their tune! It's 59 seconds of complete hilarity!!

MONSTER HIGH - High School "Deadtention" - Opens up to more than 4' tall and 5' wide

My son flipped over this Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage. He's 5 years old and has so many hot wheels that this would be the perfect place to store them. It is sort of cool. I also think my husband would like to play with it, because yep, he's a kid too!!

You will find hidden treasures beneath rocks, gravel, dirt and more with this cool Treasure Truck by MATCHBOX. I even put my own ring down in the box of rocks and found it with the truck's super magnetic powers!! This would be really cool to take to the beach to look for jewels.


These were some of Brody's favorites! #ChosenByKids 

Watch my son in action. I'd love to have one of these for his room. Perfect for a rainy day!

The perfect, sturdy chair for the hunter or huntress! And...the price is right at only $19.95.

Parents - you're going to want to stock up on batteries and have them ready for Christmas morning!! All Star Wars toys came out Sept. 4th on Force Friday. Here are a few of my favorites.

Legendary Yoda Comes to life. He stands 16" tall and will train your kids to be a Jedi with his Yoda voice talking robotics. He'll even answer you. If you have a Star Wars fan in the house, they are going to want this...so save your money!!! He was pretty cool!

This particular toy (the Boba Fett Jetpack) was behind the black curtain, but Brody and I spotted it during its outdoor demonstration. It can go up as high as 50ft. Brody had a blast with it.

Air Hogs was the most amazing toy to me. This one is for all ages...and I mean all ages! It has cool sound effects, and it flies. If and when it crashes, it won't break or bend because it's made of heavy duty Styrofoam (though it doesn't look like Styrofoam at all).

The Jedi Master Lightsaber - another awesome toy for all ages.

The Star Wars Sleeping Bag will definitely be a hit with kids of all ages. Only $12.88 at Walmart. It's made in the USA and is 10ft long....so even adults can take part in sleeping outdoors with the kiddos!!


I've always wanted a NutriBullet and now I want the PRO!! Santa - I've really been good this year!!

Keurig 2.0 - in red please! I love that a carafe is included so a pot of coffee can be made. It's great for unexpected guests, parties and more! I can see every college student wanting one of these.

Decisions decisions - I just love the green/bluish color, don't you? But I do love everything Rachael Ray puts out. Either way, momma needs new cookware!!


S'MORES Cocoa Mug Set
Who doesn't like s'mores? A great gift to give for a party exchange or even to your kids. I can think of many family members who would love this...and they don't have kids!!

Movie Night For 2
Best gift for the movie goer OR for that special co-worker OR for that person who has everything but this OR make it a special night with just you and one child. My 5-year-old would love it!


What a great buy. I think my granddaughter would love this. I bet her mom would too!!

Beautiful warm colors. Maybelline always puts out nice collections and colors.

One handsome dude and one cool Minion Mom. These are actually Adult Pajamas. Ladies were walking around wearing different styles of PJ's, but Brody got his picture taken with the best one. I bet it's a sellout! 

Okay, so that's my top 20+ picks for the 2015 holiday season at Walmart. Do you see anything on my list that you are going to want for yourself or for your children? I'd love to know in a comment below!! 

Don't wait, go now to Walmart to pick up something for everyone on your list! You can always hide them in a secret place!! Happy Shopping!

Oct 4, 2015

Sunday Strolls Giveaway Link Up - 10/4/15

Mommie..Again has agreed to co-host Sunday Strolls with me!! AND so has Christy's Cozy Corners. So now you can enter on here or on Mommie..Again or on Christy's Cozy Corners and the links will appear on all three!
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Oct 3, 2015

All Kinds of Pumpkins AND Memories!!

Hope you enjoy all my Pumpkins!!

For the recipe to my scrumptious homemade pumpkin pie - please see Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Lovely Cinderella & Fairytale Pumpkins

Inside a pumpkin - if you make your own pumpkin pie or anything else with a pumpkin, try roasted the pumpkin seeds in your oven on about 400 degrees. Watch for doneness. They are very yummy and good for you!

Our carved pumpkin in the day and in the night.

Pumpkin Patch visit 2012 with my grand kids.

This one below I had made into a puzzle. I remember that day and how hot it was. Texas is known for hot days in October...and we don't like it!!!

Not mine...but here's a cool pumpkin at the +Perot Museum of Nature and Science last year.


Oct 1, 2015

Women In Business: Amy, Writer at Mainly Homemade

At the beginning of each month throughout 2015, I am highlighting one woman (or women) with whom I've come in contact with that owns and/or runs a business, and that has touched my life in some way. OCTOBER #WomenInBusiness 

This is Amy Donarumo-Greene who is behind the blog Mainly Homemade. I met Amy this year at a couple of blogger events that we both attended. We hit it off from the start. She and I have a lot in common though she likes to cook and drink wine and I am so-so on that!! She has become a great friend and one who has supported me in my blogging efforts and in my personal life. 

I am a writer, crafter, coffee drinker, wine sipper, wife to an amazing husband, mom to three children and women all in one person. We are a blended family of five.  I love writing, creating homemade recipes just like mom or grandma used to make. I am a DIYer for crafts anyone can make. I enjoy creating clean eating recipes with basic ingredients to make something fabulous. I have three children total who live with us most of the time: one daughter (2001), one stepson (2002) and one little man (2009).  My husband and I have been married since 2008.


Both my husband and I enjoy learning how to make things ourselves and traveling with our kids. Money is a finite resource, so we try to make sure our purpose is justified before we spend it. I started writing to teach people how to save money with couponing, but so was everyone else. Since I started writing, I found I loved to learn the science behind cooking and learning to cook from scratch.  Not from a box. I enjoy teaching others the joy of creating their own  DIY crafts and homemade recipes. I would love to teach you how easily you can do these things too.


Mainly Homemade is a Dallas lifestyle blog about teaching others how to make something fabulous using simple ingredients, simple materials, and simple tools. I would love to teach you how to live a simpler life that's much more rewarding. Each post should save you time or money.  There is something here at Mainly Homemade everyone can make. Most things I use can already be found in your pantry, garage or craft room. I enjoy sharing our travel adventures on vacations and activities around the Dallas Metroplex and our trips with the money we save. We save money to make cherished memories with our children.
I'm sure Amy is up to something really crafty or really good to eat for the fall season that is upon us now. Read more about her on the blog at http://www.mainlyhomemade.com 

Previous Women In Business 2015 
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May - Kim Orlando - Owner of Travelingmom.com
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August - Featuring North Texas Women Bloggers
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Be sure to check back on November 1st to see who I'm supporting next!! 
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