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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OMG...What an afternoon!

We got home from pre-school - went in house through backdoor - locked it. Then
went outside through front door to go pay the landscapers and Brody LOCKS me

No key
no spare key...b/c husband didn't put it back
no husband - in Mexico hunting
no windows opened cuz I make sure they are locked

The landscapers try to get in both doors - couldn't
called police - no answer - hey we live in a small town

landscaper drives up to police station. comes back, 5 mins later 2 vol.
firefighters come up.

They can't get in either.

Meanwhile Brody and my 3 dogs are inside just laughing and having a good ole
time.....all a while trying to see if Brody will UNLOCK the door. NOOOOOOO he is
only 2 and doesn't even know that he locked it!!!

Anyway, can't get into my house, then I said, OK I don't leave windows opened
but my husband does..................

While I was debating whether to go try ALL windows, one FF and one landscaper
were in the back wacking the door and the other FF tried the very
first window that was close it up. It opens!!!! Yep after one hour
of Brody being inside the house all alone we get in through the closet window AND I now have a broken door knob.
Brody was a trooper though - he didn't get scared, didn't cry or anything.

Anyways, how's your night?????



  1. Hum--didn't get scared or cry--well he did have three dogs to keep an eye on him!! They are sometimes the BEST babysitters!! Glad you finally got in--you must have been frantic!!

  2. Wow! My night was pretty boring compared to yours! Glad you got in ok! No answer at the police station...comforting! ;-)

  3. That is quite a day! Glad things turned out well. You can tell this story when he gets much older he will laugh :)

  4. So nice to meet you our lives are similar. I'm a new follower from bloggy moms hop. Please stop by my page at I'm 45 and adopted our grand daughter 5 years ago. She's now 6. I wouldn't trade her for the world.


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